Life, Death, and Starvation

In a world where you live and die by the sword (or spear, or bow, or axe, or carrot) death is a common occurrence. Though normally you would die when your hitpoints reach 0, in Khaeros this means you are knocked out. Your screen will go black for a few seconds and once you wake up you will be temporary weak and unable to attack, you will also be invulnerable for a few seconds to allow you to crawl to safety.


While you cannot permanently die from monsters or players, repeated knockouts and acting immortal can and will result in staff interference, they CAN kill your character dead. Note that repeated knockouts while trying to or being unable to get away will not result in this, the staff arent jerks. (Ok I typed it, now let my puppy go!)

Roleplaying knockouts

If you are knocked out you are expected to act weakened and hurt, playing a thief caught breaking into someone's home and then knocked out, and then trying to escape as soon as you get up will result in a warning from the Staff. Having an attitude and mouthing off to the people that knocked your ass out is also frowned upon. Being defiant is fine within limits, like being tortured to reveal information and refusing it.

Hunger & Thirst

Unlike most shards and online games, your character here needs to eat from time to time, how much and how often depends on what backgrounds you picked. If you go too long without eating or drinking you will eventually start to lose stats, simulating starvation and feeling weak. This statloss will stay until you eat or drink, if you keep ignoring it, then statloss will only get worse. To see how hungry or thirsty your character is, just type .hunger

Getting Poisoned

These actions can cause you to become poisoned:

  • getting struck by a venomous creature
  • drinking poisoned beverage
  • eating poisoned food
  • eating moldy or rotten food
  • getting struck by a poisoned weapon

    If you are poisoned, a message will be emoted by your character, depending on the severity of the poison. Additionally, your HP bar will become green. The severity of the poison, or poison strength can be deduced from the message that is emoted by your character:

  • 0 - 100, “Bob looks ill.”
  • 100 - 200, “Bob looks extremely ill.”
  • 200 - 300, “Bob stumbles around in pain and confusion.”
  • 300 - 400, “Bob is wracked with extreme pain.”
  • 400 or more, “Bob begins to spasm uncontrollably.”


In short, it depends on the poison itself. However, if you ingest the poison (either by eating poisoned food or drinking poisoned beverage) the poison becomes even deadlier. Ingesting poison can turn even the less harmful poisons into lethal ones. Similarly, ingesting already strong poisons can make them so strong that they become simply uncurable by any conventional means. Rotten and moldy food always has poison that will drain your mana and stamina (unless it is also poisoned food). Poison can have any combination and severity of these effects:

  • Health Damage
  • Stamina Damage
  • Mana Damage
  • Health (Max Health) Decrease
  • Stamina (Max Stamina) Decrease
  • Mana (Max Mana) Decrease
  • Strength Decrease
  • Dexterity Decrease
  • Intelligence Decrease


Poison on Khaeros can last up to 5 minutes or more. Poison becomes progressively more dangerous the longer you leave it uncured. At first, the damage or stat decrease might be minimal, but as the poison approaches the end of its duration, it will become much more serious.


Some poisons are faster than others. This is the so-called acting speed of the poison. In short, it tells you how often the poison applies its effects (damage, stat decrease, etc). To put it simply, the faster a poison acts, the more dangerous it is.


It is possible to imbibe potions that regenerate your health, or restore it, while poisoned. It is also possible to be healed by a healing spell (such as those cast by a cleric). However, bandaging while poisoned will attempt to cure the poison, and will not attempt to heal you until you are cured of it.

Curing Poison

Poison can be cured by bandages or by potions with the cure effect. In order to gauge the probability of curing poison, you need to know the potency. Refer to the above chart for determining poison strength. If you brewed the toxin yourself, you were able to see the exact poison strength while making it.

Poison strength is compared against the intensity of the cure method in order to determine success chance, according to this formula:(CureIntensity - (PoisonStrength/2))/100

When attempting to cure poison with bandages, the cure intensity is the sum of your healing and anatomy skill (e.g. 200 if both skills are at 100%). If you are attempting to cure the poison by imbibing a cure potion, then the intensity of the cure effect is used as the cure intensity (the alchemist that made the potion will know what it is, but you won't). Note that very potent poisons cannot be cured by means of bandaging, the only way to cure those is with an appropriately powerful cure potion.


The amount healed is determined by your healing and anatomy skills, while the speed for applying bandages is based on Dexterity. To use Healing, just click your bandages and pick a target, or use the .bandageself command if you wish to bandage yourself.

Taking too much damage will increase the chance of failing. When you start bandaging, your hands will be emptied, so any weapon or shield you might have been using will go into your backpack. Attempting any sort of combat action while bandaging will abort the heal attempt.

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